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The change from mass media to online media in recent years, and technological advances such as high-definition video, have unavoidably influenced the development of the marketing world.

The evolution of IT is astonishing. Accounting tasks that once required an army of people to compute can now be solved within a few short moments, with the simple press of a button.

When we create an estimate, we go beyond the standard of asking for rough design thoughts, schedules, the desired domain and other important information and also ask you about your desired budget.

We will ask for your rough design ideas, your ideal schedule, the intended domain name and other important information when creating an estimate, but more than that, we also ask for your desired budget for the project.

Based on the project outline and your ideal budget, we will offer our very best ideas and solutions to produce a website perfectly suited to your needs. We like to think that this consideration for your ideas and circumstances is the “Plus” in Plus B Web Productions.